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People are watching their money more tightly

That's the kind of value that today's consumers want. And the current $150 back promotion only offers more value and savings for the consumer. That's included in every Triple Play package. Verizon FiOS uses state of the art fiber optic cables that deliver more than twice the amount of information that the copper cables and coaxial cables used by cable and satellite services can deliver. People are watching their money more tightly than ever before and demanding top quality and top service from the companies that they pay for, especially TV and Internet service. For customers who want even more options there is a Triple Play package that costs just over $130 and includes everything that the other packages offer plus access to the best premium movie channels and specialized channels like international channels. The Verizon FiOS Triple Play package has been praised by consumer advocates for giving consumers choices as well as great prices. For people that want more TV options there is a package that is just over $120 and gives consumers more than 300 digital channels, including digital music channels, and more than 50 HD channels. For just over $110 consumers can choose a package with phone service, Internet service, more than 200 digital TV channels and 15 HD channels as well as Verizon On Demand. The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network allows data and images to be sent over much greater distances than traditional coaxial cable and the image and data that travel along the optic fiber don't degrade the way that they do when traveling along a copper wire or coaxial cable. The Verizon FiOS Triple Play package includes digital quality home phone service that has unlimited calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also included in every FiOS Triple Play package is the fastest Internet connection available for home users. The Triple Play phone service also gives customers additional features like caller ID, voicemail and call waiting for free. For less than $150 per month, consumers can have practically unlimited options when it comes to entertainment. And that will make the Internet faster and provide better quality HD programming where Verizon FiOS will be ready to handle those changes and give you improved service while cable and satellite companies flounder to keep up with outdated networks. But the Verizon FiOS Triple Play really delivers value in the TV service choices that are available.The Verizon FiOS Triple Play package gives you more for your money than other TV and Internet providers. . Verizon FiOS, the first fiber optic network used for TV and Internet service, is being hailed by experts as the future of telecommunications. Verizon FiOS delivers both great service and great value. Verizon FiOS is currently running a $150 Back Promotion with any new signup of the Verizon FiOS bundled packages. And because the Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is on the cutting edge of technology, whenever advances in technology come along FiOS seizes the moment. Cable companies and satellite companies also offer package deals but they don't give consumers the chance to pick from a selection of deals so that they can just the programming that they need and want. Cable companies and satellite companies say that they give consumers good Monofilament yarn value for their money but if you compare the service of cable or satellite companies to the service that Verizon FiOS delivers, it's clear that Verizon FiOS is the only real choice if you want real value. Verizon FiOS Triple Play gives you everything you need to stay connected to the world, stay in touch with friends and family, and get world class entertainment at a fraction of the cost of buying tickets to attend sporting events, movies, and concerts.

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